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Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is a professional holistic therapy that utilizes gentle pressure on reflex areas of the feet to promote relaxation and activate the body's natural healing abilities. This technique is rooted in the belief that various organs, nerves, and glands are interconnected with specific reflex points on the feet, hands, or face. By targeting these reflex areas, foot reflexology can improve energy levels, strengthen the immune system, alleviate symptoms associated with conditions like digestive issues, back pain, migraines, headaches, sleep disturbances, and hormonal imbalances. This treatment is particularly beneficial for women dealing with subfertility or those who are pregnant.

Reflexology has demonstrated promising results in a recent study carried out by the University of Portsmouth, indicating that it may be as effective as painkillers. The findings suggest that participants experienced a notable decrease in pain levels, around 40 percent, and were able to tolerate pain for a longer period, approximately 45 percent, when using reflexology for pain relief. This research represents the initial scientific assessment of reflexology as a method for managing acute pain, highlighting its potential to complement conventional drug treatments for conditions associated with pain, such as osteoarthritis, back pain, and cancer.

"Wonderful relaxing treatment that made me feel amazing

after a busy few days, thank you 5 star treatment every time."

-Customer Feedback via Square 11/4/2019

"Brilliant experience. Really enjoyed my reflexology. Can’t wait for my next one.

Thank you x"

-Customer Feedback via Square 12/1/2019

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is a highly acclaimed reflexology technique that targets the lymphatic reflexes on the feet to stimulate the lymphatic system in the body. Developed by Sally Kay BSc(Hons) during her work in cancer care, this unique sequence has garnered recognition for its effectiveness. While initially designed to address lymphoedema of the arm, RLD is believed to offer benefits for lymphoedema or swelling in other areas of the body. This technique may be a valuable tool in managing various conditions such as arthritis, asthma, premenstrual tension, muscular tension, eczema, chronic fatigue/ME, fibromyalgia, sinus problems, headaches, migraines, cellulite, pregnancy swelling, post-surgical swelling, and post-cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction. Learn more about RLD founder Sally Kay and her ground-breaking research.

"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful treatment today. The aching in my leg is less painful, the fluid on my knee has gone down and my foot is not so swollen. A definite improvement."

-Lorraine G, 07/2016

"Thank you so much for a fantastic reflexology treatment, the RLD has really made a difference to my fluid retention and helped my energy levels! It was so good to relax and switch off for a bit!"

-Cathryne A., Windsor

Fertility Reflexology

Fertility reflexology is a specialized practice that focuses on supporting both women and men who are seeking to conceive. Michaela has undergone extensive training in Fertility Reflexology, including studying under Louise Keet and Sally Earlam. With additional specialized courses in Fertility reflexology, Michaela is equipped to provide support to couples who are facing challenges in conceiving for the first time, struggling to conceive a second time, or undergoing IVF treatment. It is well known that stress can have a significant impact on fertility, potentially hindering the chances of a successful pregnancy. Reflexology has been shown to help reduce stress levels, offering couples a potential avenue for support. In cases where infertility is linked to conditions such as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome, reflexology may also offer benefits.

Prior to the first treatment, a thorough consultation will be conducted to assess your emotional and physical well-being, any medical conditions, recent life events, and stress levels. It is essential to have information regarding your menstrual cycle, including the date of your last period and its duration. Your commitment is crucial in supporting you throughout your fertility journey. Ideally, a minimum of 3 months is recommended to allow your body to adapt to any changes. The first 4 appointments should be scheduled weekly or no more than 2 weeks apart. Subsequent treatments can be spaced out according to your availability. Consider alternating reflexology sessions with acupuncture to create a comprehensive support plan for your fertility journey.

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is a specialized form of reflexology that focuses on women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, or have recently given birth. This type of reflexology may incorporate various techniques to address the specific needs of women during this important time in their lives. For example, facial reflexology, reflexology lymph drainage, and linking techniques may be used to achieve the desired outcomes.

Michaela has been passionate about Maternity reflexology since 2010, when she began her reflexology training and experienced the benefits of reflexology during her own pregnancies. She strongly believes in the positive impact reflexology can have on women's wellbeing during pregnancy and motherhood. With over 10 years of experience, she is now qualified in advanced maternity reflexology and works with women in all stages of pregnancy as well as pre- and postnatally.

Maternity reflexology can offer a range of benefits at different stages of pregnancy. From natural preparation for pregnancy to support during IVF, emotional support in the first trimester, relief from aches and pains in the second and third trimesters, and relaxation techniques for labor preparation, reflexology can help women navigate the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. Postnatally, reflexology can assist with mood, sleep, hormone balancing, and can even involve baby reflexology points for the little ones.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of maternity reflexology, please feel free to reach out to schedule a session with Michaela. She is dedicated to supporting women on their journey to motherhood and providing them with the care and attention they deserve.

Advanced Maternity Reflexologist Windsor
Maternity Pregnancy Reflexology Windsor

DISCLAIMER: It is important to understand that reflexology is considered a supportive therapy, and reflexologists are not able to make claims of curing ailments or using reflexology for diagnostic purposes. While reflexology does not directly induce labour, it can assist in promoting an optimal state for labour to occur naturally, assuming the baby is prepared. Reflexology operates in harmony with the body's natural processes and poses no risk of harm.

''I had a course of reflexology to support my body during pregnancy. Michaela was absolutely brilliant, professional and also a specialist in what she does. Her sessions left me relaxed and calm and I will be booking in more sessions now that my baby has arrived. I highly recommend her.''

-Hollie H., Windsor

"I wish I'd known how good reflexology would feel much earlier in my pregnancy. Have never felt so relaxed, and the feeling lasts a lot longer and more beneficial than pregnancy massage I've had! Have had a lot going on recently and Michaela has magically helped calm my anxiety and fully relax me - something I never thought would happen! "

-Charlotte A., Egham

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